A Passage to India

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This is the beginning of the 1920s. The British Adela Quest and her likely future mother-in-law Mrs. Moore just arrived in Chandrapore in British India to participate in the informal participation of Adele, Ronnie Heslop, who works there as a magistrate. Adela and Mrs. Moore, who are hungry for the "adventures" that are experiencing the whole of India, may be embarrassed to find out on arrival that the ruling British do not communicate, not to mention the association with indigenous peoples, of people like Turtons - Mr. Terton, who is the head of Ronnie, who openly extols the nose in his idea, believing that the Indians are inferior people. They are embarrassed to see that Ronnie adheres to this custom, not wanting to jeopardize his career. In the local white club, Adela and Mrs. Moore find like-minded people in the form of Richard Fielding, a school teacher at a government college that offers a small but truly comprehensive social gathering with some of the descendants of them, unlike a large ...

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