Won't You be My Neighbor?

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Magnificently gently speaking, but vigorously sharp, expressing his deep ideals, Fred Rogers has been a unique presence on television for generations. Thanks to the interviews of his family and colleagues, the life of this potential pastor is seen as a person who has found a more important vocation to provide an oasis for children in the video of a violent bombardment. It was his famous series "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" (1968), a show that could gently enter into important topics that no children's show would have decided at that time. At the same time, Rogers experienced a career where his sweetish idealism fascinated and influenced the world, whether it was a lot of children on TV or unruly authorities in the government. However, this beloved person also hid Rogers' deep self-confidence about himself and occasional misunderstandings, even when he argued that in the era of the tragedy there was a threshold of understanding that did not always understand a man of such noble character.

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