The Viral Demon (2018)

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The e-DEMON record is an awakening to understand the truth about what is happening to our world since the merciless e-DEMON was accidentally released from his prison. Witness that the first night of demonic possession, as it unfolds, is documented in this recorded video chat. Released in our era, the manipulative demon is able to use modern technology to accelerate the ownership process. Watching this web record is a terrific, roller-pot with experience, but remember that this is a human story, because that night the real flesh and blood died. Be in search. E-DEMON turns reality into a living nightmare of manipulation. As it is written in video chat documents, it grows in a wave of growing tension, as it rotates inwards, absorbing its victim, until they know what to trust or really trust, including loved ones, paramedics, police and much more. Be sure to find out the truth about what really happened, that the notorious night was now called "The Quad Murders" by the media. In e-demon ...

                          The Viral Demon (2018)
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